Class of 2022: Welcome to Prison

Hey hey, Sheeplies!

Since we are in the time of school starting or soon to be starting, I felt this is an appropriate topic to write about. I know this is a common topic in the realm of awakened consciousness but for the individuals who don’t see the grand scheme of things yet, I wanted to at least get it on Chris’s site- that is the comparison between school and prison. I just ask that whoever ventures on this site to keep an open mind respect others opinion even though you’re entitled and encouraged to have your own individual thoughts.

First, let’s think about the layouts of a school facility and a prison. If you look at a blueprint of each facility they each have wings and some of the larger schools even have blocks. There are even designated areas for physical activities allotted at certain times and/or if you earned that privilege if we are talking about extracurricular cases like soccer, football, volleyball, etc. by keeping good grades. With prison, you get to run and pump iron for good behavior.

Now, let’s think about the classrooms and cells. The students are transferred from room to room on a timely schedule granted they move “freely” on their own but most hallways are patrolled by teachers, security officers and watched by cameras. Huh, don’t the inmates get transferred around escorted by correctional officers and watched by cameras? Better yet, nowadays if a student misbehaves in the facility a security officer uses violence sometimes beating them like a CO would with an inmate. Since we’re on transferring, classrooms and cells what about the cafeteria or what I like to call the common room? Where the cliques cluster together excluding the black sheep and bullying them while grossly stuffing their faces with disgusting poor-quality food clogging up their cognitive arteries and calcifying their pineal gland making it easier for them to obey.

Ahhh, OBEY, the invisible word imprinted on almost every sign/ advertisement you lay your eyes upon. So, reiterating the last paragraph, if the inmate misbehaves and/or disobeys they get a whoopin’ from the CO/police and a possible harsher sentence, solitary or some other form of discipline. Now, at these schools, the student receives either detention, in school suspension, out of school suspension, expulsion, etc.

When I was in high school I remember the morning, I was waiting for class to start and I thought to myself I don’t care to be here with all these people and it was after the bell rang that I walked out of the school building to meet up with my friend. It was after we caught wind that the police and our parents were looking for us that we turned in. What do you think happens if a prisoner escapes the walls? The same thing but their punishment is worse than in-school suspension if they get caught. The principles about child welfare in this scenario are for another discussion relatable to this one I will soon have.

This is not everything pertaining to the comparison of school and prison but it’s a great start to get your noggin’ moving. What do you think should change between the two and what do you think I am missing? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter in the comments below or you can even email us if you would like to keep it discreet. Keep your light on!