New Chris Sheeply Adventure Books Now Available

Book 1: Ponder New Ideas (Second Edition) Hardcover
Book 2: Dealing With Differences Hardcover

Sheeply Publishing is excited to announce that books 1 and 2 in the Chris Sheeply Adventure series are now available for purchase on Amazon in digital, paperback and hardcover format and will soon be made available in both paperback and hardcover on the Sheeply Shop. Please note, there may be some delays fulfilling orders for readers interested in purchasing the hardcover through Amazon and Sheeply Shop.

Book one, Ponder New Ideas, now in its second edition, has seen many changes from its first print. There are 14 brand new illustrations and text, along with several minor tweaks to the original illustrations and story.

Book two, Dealing With Differences, immediately follows the events in book one. Join Chris Sheeply on day 2, as he retells his experience leaving the farm and the knowledge he gains from his experience.