CHRISTOPHER KRENISKY is the founder of Sheeply Publishing, LLC. He has always had a passion for writing and storytelling, drawing various pictures and creating comic book storyboards from an early age. He believes education is vital for growth and development, but that life experiences far outweigh any formal schooling anyone could ever receive. He is a firm believer in forging your own path by doing the opposite of what’s popular, as universal truth is not measured in mass appeal. He follows the non-aggression principle and shares the philosophy that no human being has the power or authority over another human being EVER for any reason. Everyone has the right to a peaceful and happy life, free to express themselves in any way they chose, barring it doesn’t impede on someone’s freedom or cause another person physical harm. Another core value he shares is that individual responsibility is the key to a better world. Change yourself for the better, and the world changes around you. It is truly a beautiful and remarkable thing.


CHRIS SHEEPLY can be viewed as the most interesting sheep in the world. He strives to teach others valuable life lessons with patience, compassion and a witty sense of humor. Although his life journey has been far from perfect, he continues to inspire those around him on a daily basis. He is living proof that anything is possible and the only limitations are the ones we set for ourselves or let the world and society dictate for us. He believes in treating others with respect even if their views are different from his own. He understands that we all come from different walks of life and share different life perspectives and experiences. We should all try to learn from one another, as we are all here experiencing this life together. We all start our journey somewhere and there is no better time to start than now. It’s never too late and there’s always time. That’s the Chris Sheeply way!


PAM WARANOWICZ has worked over 20 years in a diverse range of organizations, including private sector, non-profits, and FQHCs. She is a qualified Psychiatric/Mental Health and Addictions RN and holds a certification as a Progressive Recovery Coach. She believes that her greatest accomplishment was obtaining a master’s degree in Metaphysics which opened her mind to the possibilities of healing the human mind and spirit. Pam’s life mission is to help others see those possibilities through empowerment versus our current and long-standing practices of Victimology. In addition to her coaching services, she works with Sheeply Publishing to help anyone who desires and seeks a healthy and happy life achieve their goals as well as enriching our youth, along with adults, through the idea of empowerment and authenticity by being who we really are, not what others expect us to be.