Technology: A Skeptic’s Take

Ah yes, the digital age. What a great time to be alive in history. We are connected to everyone and no one in a matter of seconds. How did humanity ever manage before we had things like computers and cell phones? My poem, Wiretap Mentality, in my book, A Decade: Rethinking the Meaning of Life, has a lot of relevance with the world in which we live today.  I might be labeled a cynic, but as I have stated in various articles and videos, nothing is wrong with being a little skeptical. People should be more skeptical about most things in their daily lives. But, as I said in my poem, we have been actively conditioned not to question even the very obvious things that confront us. And the award for best-supporting actor goes to… you guessed it, technology. 

Now technology isn’t a bad
thing. But who controls the tech we use? What else can the tech
be used for? Are there consequences or long-term ramifications for certain technology?
These are reasonable questions we should be asking ourselves. Then why is it we
don’t ask them? Again, we’ve been conditioned and sold a dream of some modern
comforts and conveniences, but at what cost?

Like most things in this reality,
we’ve been sold a web of lies, or maybe more accurately, webs of deception. I
could debate the idea that modern technology
has been a saving grace for the advancement of society, but for the sake of argument in this article, let’s make an
ass out of you and me and assume that technology is mankind’s greatest
achievement. After all, technology allows for longer life spans, instant
communication with one another, less deadly disease around the world, faster
travel and access to a variety of foods
and other products, etc. Wow, life is great, isn’t it? Well, I personally
wouldn’t jump to that conclusion so quickly, but you are a free-thinking being, you can think whatever you
like. From my observations, herein lies the web of illusions.

If you want to know why I am skeptical of most if not ALL these technological advancements, consider this: We are constantly being told that government is our friend and here to protect us. As the saying goes, if you constantly repeat a lie, you start to believe it as being the truth. If you think I’m off my rocker, please read R.J. Rummel’s book, Death by Government. I’m sure it will change your mind on your loving and benevolent overlords, the same overlords that seem to have their hands in the very technology we use in our everyday lives. You know, the alphabet soup agencies protecting us against the bad guys. But who are the bad guys? According to whom, the government?

There is a great quote from Benjamin Franklin in which he states, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” There seems to be an epidemic, at least here in the United States, where most of the population would gladly give up their rights as sovereign and infinite beings to other human beings they believe have some magical authority over them. You know them as politicians and law-enforcement. Politicians tell people what to do by enacting laws and dictating principles and morality with cleverly designed double-speak and their order following enforcing hand, police officers, harass innocent people by kidnapping them and throwing them in cages, with no means to defend themselves against this injustice, no matter how ridiculous the “law” is which was supposedly infringed.

In one of my previous
articles, I talked about how we can cast spells with words, both written and
orally, and how TV, cell phone and computer
screens put us in a suggestible and programmable state. However, one could
postulate we are being affected in
various ways due to the tech we use. I love having my thoughts and emotions
spoon-fed to me through a subtly-flickering
LED screen with healthy blue light searing my eyes like tuna steaks, don’t you?
 To be clear, I don’t have a problem with technology, I have a problem when that technology begins to control us or we
let technology mold our thinking. To some,
this may sound like some outrageous conspiracy
theory, but for those that have seen or read some of my work and are willing to
think outside the box, this makes sense.

Going back to the Ben
Franklin quote, let’s consider what personal freedoms we have given up for
technology. The sad part is most people
don’t seem to care. This is very concerning and
perhaps more frustrating than anything. In the United States, our food and
water are poisoned with more chemicals than
ever, NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs turn people into opioid addicts,
vaccines with toxic preservatives are ruining people’s lives. People might live
longer but on how many meds? And how is the quality of this longer life being quantified;
has it really turned into quantity over
quality?  We are under constant
surveillance by big brother, we have shorter attention spans, worse memory, are
overweight, lazy and even more sickly than before. I don’t know about you, but
I would rather die old fast than die young slow.

When is the last time you conversed
with someone on the street or say hi to anyone walking in the park? How about
an elevator? You probably haven’t because people are face deep in their cell phones or conveniently have their headphones
on. I’ve heard some people can’t even go to
the bathroom these days without their cell phone.

How about the right to free speech? Those in search of some truth and common ground in the world are familiar with the censorship going on around the internet with the likes of some big players such as Facebook and Google.  And to keep this post relatively short I will not get into other various topics, such as IOT (Internet of Things) and the 5G smart grid. If you would like more information on these topics, I suggest checking out Max Igan’s work at The point is we have convinced ourselves that technology has improved our lives for the better, maybe to a degree, but not to the level we perceive. Cognitive dissonance is a beautiful thing and how the lowest common denominator of society continues to subtly guide its flock. 

I am not trying to discourage anyone, just trying to get people thinking. We all have different points of view and opinions and have every right as free beings to speak our minds. Just because our opinions may differ doesn’t give us the right to inflict harm or command our will over another individual or coerce them into doing something they don’t want to do or think. If we put down the cell phones and turned off the TV and actually interacted with one another on a more personal level, we’d find we have a lot more in common with one another than we have been led to believe. Stop playing into the political charade of divide and conqueror tactics and learn to love one another because we ALL have our faults but are here to experience this life together. Let’s stop the petty nonsense and be grateful we get this opportunity to be alive during this time in history. It’s time we start making the most of it. I think that is something we can all agree on.